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This has worked to partner Juventus had a tacit understanding with the court to tie it at 1 to 2. tmpfiles ,cheap windows 7 key cheap   Pulled a ball to the European-Star team seems to have found offensive state, while their performance was also inspired desire out. It took another two minutes, striker Andriy Shevchenko and Raul are two in the penalty area to make a subtle tie. Small restricted area on the left to get the ball and unguarded Raul did not choose direct shot, but not very good with his right foot to bypass the ball from behind his left foot rub To a closed road! Road Sheva direct header from the center to keep up! The center of the box full strength, but unfortunately the top is too positive, is an excellent station Dida fists asked the beam. tmpfiles ,cheap windows 7 key cheap   But that Raul passing fancy or add some highlights for this match. Only in the Nou Camp, home of arch-rivals Barcelona, 8203;8203;Real Madrid prince destined to receive the applause of the fans. See the two clubs have a assists in the performance of his teammates, another Real Madrid player David Beckham also lost and lonely, and he was restricted .

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