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Defensive back! Although Real Madrid has always been an offensive team pursuit gorgeous, but does not prevent him to the set of Capello in Serie transplant. tmpfiles ,cheap windows 7 key cheap   Especially in the case of Real Madrid has the name Mengnan midfielder. Strong defensive ability and accurate long pass are defensive back weapon! After the top off a wave of Atletico ten minutes before the storm, put the weapon on the two Mengnan punctured the Atletico defense. The first 12 minutes. tmpfiles ,cheap windows 7 key cheap   Mengnan sudden force of the foot steals from Ibagaza. Then, after a brief glance frontcourt direct precision ball assigned to the right! There is high-speed plug Figo! Figo face Atletico Madrid left-back Pena, pretending to break toward the bottom line. In fact it suddenly brakes, then suddenly slammed the ball to cross knock Road! Zidane kick left-footed shot from the front to keep up with the point failed to kick the ball. While Atletico people think they escaped unharmed when the last point has appeared a plump white figure! Relaxed facing the ball a .

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