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Fans, smell and discoloration ʮ soldiers defeated KongYouDe three days in hemp lump, North Korea sent troops to attack the Ming army Kong Youde, land and water into a large, two-way are the Czech Republic. tmpfiles ,cheap windows 7 key cheap   Geng Zhongming demand drop, Huanglong allowed, hole Geng fled from the northwest. KongYouDe at Double Island is already sent overnight crossing to Gaizhou, and Gaizhou Shi Guozhu Qingjiang, drop the book reads: This handsome existing hoplite tens of thousands, hundreds of boat, guns, firearms and taste. Have this weapon, but with bright sweat together, land and water, with irresistible force, and the world would dare again with Khan Shi Guozhu enemies almost afraid to call the shots, sent someone to telegraph Taiji. tmpfiles ,cheap windows 7 key cheap   Taiji overjoyed, Zhenjiang collusion with KongYouDe agreed, and ordered Baylor Jierhalang, Ajige, Du degree soldier collusion. North Korea to send troops in the Yalu River mouth attack KongYouDe Ministry, did not expect the troops to the riverbank, have already Jierhalang, Yan Zhen relative, Ming, toward the coalition morale, not forced, helplessly watching KongYouDe cast Tartars. April 17, KongYouDe, Geng Zhongming floating sea landing Liaodong from Fort Zhenjiang, arriving Nine .

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